2017 Tablers & Organizers… to come!


2016 Tablers, Workshoppers, & Organizers

2015 Tablers & Organizers

2016 tablers
list is still in progress as we confirm tablers


Workshops & Readings, details to come


And the 2016 organizers are… 


Tai Maag is radical poet and author of the forthcoming Through a Mirror, in an Enigma whose work appears in collections by Topside Press, the IWW, and Black Rose. They co-curate Fabulist Catalyst, an intersectional queer reading series at Hullabaloo Books. Hobbies include making every conversation about Heidegger and stealing from the Bluestockings cookie jar.


This is the first time Cassandra Leveille has been an organizer for Feminist Zine Fest NYC. She previously helped organize a workshop on creating zines for International Zine Month in July 2015 with fellow co-organizer Jenna Freedman. She is a frequent contributor to the zine hoax, and has contributed to On Struggling and Jealouzine She also writes the nihilist feminist zine Secondhand Emotion. When she’s not writing or thinking about making new zines, she can be found practicing making mean faces at men on Instagram.

photo (14)

Rachel Casiano Hernandez has written several zines, including Todo Sobre Mi Madre, Pata, and Vital Signs, which include themes of race, family, sexuality, and an ill-advised foray into nursing school. She works in sexual health services and harm reduction, and her hobbies include meaning to learn more about herbs and practicing her resting bitch-face. She’s excited to be co-organizing the NYCFZF again this year!


Jenna Freedman is the zine librarian at Barnard College and has been making the zine Lower East Side Librarian since 2001. She usually needs a haircut.


Elvis B.  is the author of Homos in Herstory, a comics zine series about queer history in the USA. They co-founded the first NYC Feminist Zinefest with their friend Kate Angell in 2012. Elvis is thrilled that the zinefest is cruisin’ along to its 4th year, and that other feminist zinefests have taken root in cities like Pittsburgh, Philadelphia,and Hamilton, Ontario.


List of Last Year’s Tablers (2015):

A. Aponte (Hellbitches) – www.jahnnyvommit.com

ABC No Rio Zine Library – http://www.abcnorio.org

Alex Hays (Sleeping Creatures Distro) – www.sleepingcreatures.com

Ana Lucia Seguin (Purple Pony) – http://www.purplepony.bigcartel.com/

Andria Alefhi (We’ll Never Have Paris) – http://www.wellneverhavepariszine.com/

Anna Melton (Dear Rob: A Zine about Grief, Medical Ethics, Bodily Fluids, and Becoming a Nursing Assistant)

Annie Mok (Unholy Shapes) – http://heyanniemok.tumblr.com/

Barnard Zine Club (Sticks & Stones) – https://twitter.com/BarnardZineClub

Big Womyn Press

Bluestockings Bookstore – www.bluestockings.com 

Cam (Decolonizing Street Art : Anticolonial Street Artists convergence) – www.decolonizingstreetart.com

Caroline Tompkins (Girl’s Night In) – http://www.carolinetompkins.com/

Cassandra L (Second Hand Emotion)

China Martens (The Future Generation) – https://thisbridgecalledmybaby.wordpress.com/

Emma Karin (Radical Domesticity) – Prettydirtypress.etsy.com

Hazel Newlevant (If This Be Sin) – newlevant.com

Hetrick-Martin Institute: Women Speak (Raindrops) – www.facebook.com/hmiwomen

Hoax Zine – http://hoaxzine.tumblr.com

Homoground (Feminist Playing Cards) – http://feministcards.com

Joyce Hatton (Think About The Bubbles) – joycehatton.com

Kate Angell (My Feminist Friends) – https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/PiscesMoonPress

Kate Larson (No Better Than Apples) – www.teamkate.com

Katherine Arnoldi (Clara Comes Down To Earth: Globalization, the Neo-Liberal Agenda, and Resistance) – http://www.katherinearnoldi.com/

Keerthi Harishankar (Crash Your Car)

Kesheena Doctor (Going Places) – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006943335482

Laura Lannes (Bad Boyfriends) – lauralannes.tumblr.com

Maggie Lynn Negrete (Adventuring Princesses) – mgglntcreates.com

Metropolarity – http://metropolarity.net/

Mia Bruner  (Sometimes Getting Better is Going Back)

Nicole Harring (Bitch Craft) – www.poorkitty.etsy.com

Nyxia Grey (Everything is Fine) – https://www.etsy.com/shop/ZinesByNyxia

Pleasure Pie (Choose Your Own Consensual Adventure) – pleasurepie.org

Rachel Davies (Pop Culture Puke) – www.popculturepuke.com

Rachel K. Zall (About My Body (Because You Always Ask)) – http://www.radiosilent.net

Sarah Fox (Feminist Hackerspaces) – http://sarahfox.info/

Sarah Godfrey (My Family’s Vaginas) – howareyourinsides.tumblr.com

Sarah Mangle (The Affirmations Colouring Book) – https://www.etsy.com/shop/SarahMangle

Sarah Sawyers-Lovett (Safe Home) – punkjoanofarc.com

Sherley (Taken Spaces: Black Lesbian Against White Aesthetics)  – http://takenspacesblacklesbians.wordpress.com/

Slim Lopez (Encuentro) – www.slim-Lopez.com

Sophie Labelle (Down with the Cis-Tem) – assignedmale.tumblr.com

Stephanie Basile (Suburban Blight) – http://zinewiki.com/Suburban_Blight

Suzy Gonzalez (Yes, Ma’am) – www.suzygonzalez.com

Sy Abudu (Slash Zine) – www.greatgrandgolden.com

Tale of the Gray Wolf – http://www.facebook.com/taleofthegraywolf

Topside Press – topsidepress.com

Victoria Law (Tenacious: Art & Writings by Women in Prison) – http://resistancebehindbars.org/node/19

The Wheelhouse (The Living/Dying Flipzine; Big Fat Femme) – the-wheelhouse.org

Whitney (From the Root) – https://fromtherootzine.wordpress.com/


The 2015 zinefest was organized by… 

  • Jordan Alam
  • Emma Caterine
  • Jenna Freedman
  • Elvis B.
  • Rachel Casiano Hernandez

4 responses to “Who?

  1. agingriotgrrrl

    omg, there are so many good people tabling! i want to come! not to table but to read and hug all these rad zinesters. xoxo ocean capewell

  2. agingriotgrrrl

    i am coming! look out, NYC!

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