Tablers of 2018:  

Listed in no particular order, this is who is tabling in 2018!

The Bettys & Aurora Diaz

Alina Sabirianova

The Doula Project

Nyxia Grey

Not Just a Boys Club

Arielle Jennings

J. Henry Hansen

Blkgrlswurld ZINE

JB Brager

Barnard Zine Club (Instagram @barnardzineclub)

Golden (Instagram: @diasporansavantpress)

Sawyer Lovett

Moose Lane

Jahnny Vommit 

Yes, Ma’am

Katherine Arnoldi

Jennifer Camper

Michelle Nitto

Red Sweater Colllective

Nico Acosta

Hoax Zine

Emma Cali (Instagram: @emmacali_art)

New Paltz Zine Club

Vikki Law – Tenacious: Art & Writings by Women in Prison


Sy Abudu

A. Hays/ Sleeping Creatures Distro

Suze Myers

Hazel Newlevant

Stephanie Dufresne

Femme Mache

2BB – 2 Be Bad

Syan Rose

Anne Schwan

Chanell Chrichlow – Instagram: @tubafresh

Stephanie Monohan

Goda Trakumaite

Mariame Kaba

Priya Huq

Erika Finne

Kat Fajardo

Jacinta Bunnell/ Queer Book Committee

Irrelevant Press

Alex Wrekk / Stolen Sharpie Revolution

Emerald Pellot (Grl Trbl)

LIES: A Journal of Materialist Feminism

Jaime Gonzalez

Britina Cheng: Instagram: peachlikeabruise


Janice Quiles Reyes

Sarvnaz Press

Pau Venadito

Headlines and Heartlines

La Horchata Zine

Mujeristas Collective

We’re Hir We’re Queer


Olivia M. 

EmmaKarin / Radical Domesticity


Jan Descartes and Monica Johnson

Brusque Babe

Laura Winnick

Dre Grigoropol


Tablers of the Past (2017): 

Barnard Zine Club! On Twitter @barnardzineclub

La Chamba Press – on Instagram @lachambapress

No Shame Distro – a collective of people of color distributing zines and small art works by other people of color.

Hoax Zine

Soumya Dhulekar – comics! illustration! and the Teaching Artist-in-Residence at Asian Arts Initiative.

Nicole Rodrigues – “lives in Philadelphia, where she makes empanadas and teaches art in a Restorative Justice Youth Program through Mural Arts.”

SUNY New Paltz Zine Community + Zine Library –  we actively collect zines that deal with issues around gender, sexuality, intersectionality and feminist politics.

The Wheelhouse – The Wheelhouse serves as a Toronto-based supporting resource for those facing barriers of accessibility, and takes an intersectional approach to social justice.

Wolf Route Collective — Kat Fajardo, Iasmin Omar Ata, Vreni Stollberger & Pablo A. Castro – a collective started in 2016

Abby Staniek, zinester + creator of Cruelty & Care-Free, a blog about cruelty-free clothes & cosmetics

Alex Zine, “exploring life and gender identity.”

Hellbitches – an alternative all female art and comics collective…Hellbitches!

Farha Najah –  “my zine and visual art work is a contribution to grassroots feminist art and social justice movement building.” 

The Bettys – The Bettys is an art collective hailing from the NYC Tri State Area, & creators of such titles as – “Girl Paradise Zine,” “Boys Lie,” & “Space Bae Zine.”

Casey with Metaphorical Fruit Zine

“Femmescapes” is a compilation zine of visual and written work by queer and trans people who experience an affinity with femmeness. We will also bring zines by the editors and contributors, most of whom are trans and/or women of color.

Colectiva Cósmica – “Cósmica is a feminist art collective that strives to unite and support womyn artists and professionals from alternative, under-represented, and diverse backgrounds…We believe women are magical in complex ways and seek to unveil our long-obscured powers.”

Crybaby – “Crybaby is for teens, by teens.”

Basta Ya (enough is enough). We are are collective of self-identified women who are exploring their creative side and challenging social norms while doing it.

Emma Karin Eriksson of Pretty Dirty Press, & the amazing Radical Domesticity zine series!!! (6 issues & counting!)

Jacqueline Frances (aka Jacq the Stripper)

Jamie Varriale Vélez – “Sin Vergüenza, a perzine that connects the personal to family history and experiences with family history and experiences with migration, class, health, grief, and familial abuse.

Janice Quiles-Reyes

JB Brager – ghostly queer comics, hauntingly cool art (woooooh…)

JC of Tributaries – zines on disability, mental health, & so much more.

Jenna Henry Hansen

Jennifer Camper! – cartoonist, cartoon editor, teacher, and the creator of the biennial Queers & Comics Conference

Karla Keffer

Sula Collective

Katherine Arnoldi – author of “The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom,” and other comics.

Kiernan Dunn – the queen of neon, arrivin’ from New Orleans with a bunch of fabulously queer prints, posters, etc – check it all out here: 

Kyra Gross – ” I can’t help but be interested in the bing, the bang, the whooshing, and the squishy. Look at it flow! Look at it glimmer! Cut it, move the whiz whap clear across the page and glue it down.”

Laura Lannes – illustrator. cartoonist. originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Leila Abdelrazaq – “Leila is a Chicago-born, Palestinian author and artist. Her debut graphic novel, Baddawi (Just World Books 2015) was shortlisted for the 2015 Palestine Book Awards.”

Jude Vachon

Madelyn Owens / Madd Grrrl – a comic called vagilantes!

Markus / Star

Megan Quinn


The Doula Project

Monica Johnson – comics creator & feminist comix critic.

Jan Descartes

Moose Lane; GTFO (Get The Fuck Outside),  a diy guide to outdoor adventuring

Naomi Moyer

Nicole Harring

Nicole Jennelle

Nyxia Grey – “I am a queer feminist zinester & collage artist. My work focuses on self-advocacy, reproductive rights, sexual consent, equality, relationship boundaries, grief, feelings of belonging/home, body politics, and eating disorder recovery.”

Sarah Beth Kaye

Sarah Sawyers-Lovett – philly-based author of “everybody else’s girl,” former philly feminist zinefest organizer…all around awesome human! 🙂

Sasha Kruger

Shaira Chaer

Shout Your Abortion BK collective

Stephanie Orentas

Stephanie Rodriguez

Sy Abudu – “Sy is a collage artist who incorporates found imagery and text to weave together narratives of the black American experience. She finds beauty, meaning, and power in the ordinary and bears witness to the untold stories found in the depths of the photographic archives of the Library of Congress.”

Taryn Hipp + LadyTeeth – “Lady Teeth is a perzine about sobriety & getting older, about riding bikes & embracing life.”

Unceded Voices Collective – Unceded Voices : Anticolonial Street Artists Convergence is a zine with reflexions, texts and pictures of street art interventions (murals, wheat pastes, stencils, graffiti, textile art, performances, etc.) that Indigenous women and women of color artists participating artists in the past convergence (2014 & 2015).

Victoria Law – Tenacious: Art & Writings by Women in Prison. It’s a collection of writings (and some art) by women (cis and trans) incarcerated across the United States. They share their experiences being locked up, including struggles with health care, parenting, being in solitary confinement, aging or just the daily life of prison.

We’re Hir We’re Queer – We are a gender and queer theory distro, focused on race, transfeminism, revolutionary perspectives and struggle.

Whitney & From the Root Zine -” a zine dedicated to documenting stories, poetry, articles, testimonies and images of women of colour in Canada.”

Wyeth Moss –

Pratt Feminists – works to educate and inform others about important issues regarding equal rights of all genders, sexes, identities, races, religions, backgrounds.

2017 Organizers: 

Jordan Alam is a writer, zinemaker, and cat mama based out of south Seattle. A former NYC resident (and Barnard alum), she has helped out with NYC Feminist Zine Fests past and worked in the Barnard Zine Library. She is the proud author of a lot of one-off perzines, most notably the micro-mini comic ‘What To Do If You Experience Emotional Stress Burnout’. Check out her professional work at and find her on Twitter @thecowation.

img_1818Cassandra Leveille is excited to join her fellow organizers for a second time to pull off the Feminist Zinefest NYC for 2017. Formerly based in the Caribbean community of Elmont, NY, Cassandra now lives in Washington Heights with three cuddly cats and four roommates who are steeped in organizing backgrounds. She is a frequent contributor to hoax, and writes the nihilist feminist zine Secondhand EmotionShe is currently working on a compilation zine on nonprofit burnout under austerity. When she’s not talking and thinking about zines, she spends her time cooking with friends and populating her Instagram with cat selfies.

Elvis Wolf  is the author of Homos in Herstory, a comics zine series about queer history in the USA. They co-founded the first NYC Feminist Zinefest with good pal Kate Angell in 2012. Elvis is thrilled that the zinefest is cruisin’ along to its 5th year in 2017, and that other feminist zinefests have taken root in cities like PittsburghPhiladelphia,and Hamilton, Ontario. At the time of this writing, Elvis sported a flourishing & giant mullet. 🙂


Jenna Freedman is the zine librarian at Barnard College and has been making the zine Lower East Side Librarian since 2001. She usually needs a haircut.


2016 Tablers, Workshoppers, & Organizers

2015 Tablers & Organizers

2016 tablers

The 2016 organizers were: Tai MaagRachel Casiano Hernandez, Cassandra Levielle,  Jenna Freedman, and Elvis Wolf


List of  2015 Tablers: 

A. Aponte (Hellbitches) –

ABC No Rio Zine Library –

Alex Hays (Sleeping Creatures Distro) –

Ana Lucia Seguin (Purple Pony) –

Andria Alefhi (We’ll Never Have Paris) –

Anna Melton (Dear Rob: A Zine about Grief, Medical Ethics, Bodily Fluids, and Becoming a Nursing Assistant)

Annie Mok (Unholy Shapes) –

Barnard Zine Club (Sticks & Stones) –

Big Womyn Press

Bluestockings Bookstore – 

Cam (Decolonizing Street Art : Anticolonial Street Artists convergence) –

Caroline Tompkins (Girl’s Night In) –

Cassandra L (Second Hand Emotion)

China Martens (The Future Generation) –

Emma Karin (Radical Domesticity) –

Hazel Newlevant (If This Be Sin) –

Hetrick-Martin Institute: Women Speak (Raindrops) –

Hoax Zine –

Homoground (Feminist Playing Cards) –

Joyce Hatton (Think About The Bubbles) –

Kate Angell (My Feminist Friends) –

Kate Larson (No Better Than Apples) –

Katherine Arnoldi (Clara Comes Down To Earth: Globalization, the Neo-Liberal Agenda, and Resistance) –

Keerthi Harishankar (Crash Your Car)

Kesheena Doctor (Going Places) –

Laura Lannes (Bad Boyfriends) –

Maggie Lynn Negrete (Adventuring Princesses) –

Metropolarity –

Mia Bruner  (Sometimes Getting Better is Going Back)

Nicole Harring (Bitch Craft) –

Nyxia Grey (Everything is Fine) –

Pleasure Pie (Choose Your Own Consensual Adventure) –

Rachel Davies (Pop Culture Puke) –

Rachel K. Zall (About My Body (Because You Always Ask)) –

Sarah Fox (Feminist Hackerspaces) –

Sarah Godfrey (My Family’s Vaginas) –

Sarah Mangle (The Affirmations Colouring Book) –

Sarah Sawyers-Lovett (Safe Home) –

Sherley (Taken Spaces: Black Lesbian Against White Aesthetics)  –

Slim Lopez (Encuentro) –

Sophie Labelle (Down with the Cis-Tem) –

Stephanie Basile (Suburban Blight) –

Suzy Gonzalez (Yes, Ma’am) –

Sy Abudu (Slash Zine) –

Tale of the Gray Wolf –

Topside Press –

Victoria Law (Tenacious: Art & Writings by Women in Prison) –

The Wheelhouse (The Living/Dying Flipzine; Big Fat Femme) –

Whitney (From the Root) –


The 2015 zinefest was organized by… 

  • Jordan Alam
  • Emma Caterine
  • Jenna Freedman
  • Elvis Wolf
  • Rachel Casiano Hernandez

4 responses to “Tablers

  1. agingriotgrrrl

    omg, there are so many good people tabling! i want to come! not to table but to read and hug all these rad zinesters. xoxo ocean capewell

  2. agingriotgrrrl

    i am coming! look out, NYC!

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