Date & Time,1588653108The 2018 zinefest was held on Sunday, March 25th, 12-6pm. Stay tuned for more on 2019! 

Barnard Hall // Barnard College
3009 Broadway
NY, NY 10027


In 2017, we had…

Workshop & Readings –

+ Bystander Training Intervention held at 11am

+ Zine reading at Bluestockings Bookstore the night before!

 2015’s schedule – 

1pm – Tour of Barnard Zine Library

2pm – Zine Readings: Pleasure/Discomfort

  • China
  • Pleasure Pie
  • Emma Karin
  • Sarah Godfrey
  • Joyce Hatton
  • Sarah Mangle
  • Hazel Newlevant

3:30pm – Topside Press workshop on starting a small publishing house

4:30pm – Zine Readings: Staking Our Territory

  • Sarah Fox
  • Maggie Negrete
  • Katherine Arnoldi
  • HMI Women Speak
  • Lauren Melissa
  • Nyxia Grey

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