Zinester Profile: Rebecca Migdal

Only two more days until the NYC Feminist Zinefest – which leaves plenty of time to become familiar with the wonderful work of Rebecca Migdal!

Rebecca posing with Screecher

Rebecca posing with Screecher

Check out Rebecca’s bio to learn more about today’s zineblog superstar!

Rebecca Migdal draws pictures and writes down words, sometimes all on the same piece of paper. The picture and the words come out of her own head. That is amazing! Rebecca Migdal would like you to look at the papers with the words and the pictures.Look at the papers! Rebecca sometime gets to have these pictures and words printed on lots of pieces of paper, appearing in Comics Magazines like World War 3 Illustrated. Also in zines she makes herself, and soon even in some real books, maybe, that are sold in bookstores.
Support you local bookstore, and buy some books! Lots of Rebecca’s pictures and words can be seen on the web. Some of them are only for grownups. If you are old enough, you can read some grownup comics from Rebecca’s head at www.rosettastonecomic.com. If you are not old enough, no peeking!

Here’s another sample of Rebecca’s work, “NYC Aerial:”


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  1. Thanks for the plug guys! Looking forward to meeting all the great folks Saturday. -Rebecca

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