Zinester Profile: Juniper Dee

As we’re a Brooklyn-based zinefest, it is our pleasure today to introduce a hometown zinester- June Dee, creator of the zine Words Are Not Enough.

Words Are Not Enough

Words Are Not Enough

Here’s some more info about June and Words Are Not Enough:

My name is June, and I wrote this zine because I wanted to share my experiences working with survivors of domestic violence and homelessness. I hope that folks read this and don’t just feel sad, but feel persuaded to step forward and work to support those who experience violence in realistic, caring, and community oriented ways.

As for me, I no longer work in shelters, and reside in Brooklyn in a house full of cute cats and queers.

June Dee

A portrait of the artist!


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One response to “Zinester Profile: Juniper Dee

  1. yo, i got this zine at the zinefest and i loved it so much! i want to write you a letter, june dee, but you didn’t include any contact info! find me?

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