* Save the Date! * NYC Feminist Zinefest – Saturday, March 7, 2015 * !

We’re so thrilled to announce… we have a date, and a space, for the 2015 NYC Feminist Zinefest!

The place: Barnard College, New York

The date: Sunday March 8, 2015     * Note correction!!! Saturday, March 7 ! *

The zinefest is a few months away, so keep checking back here for more updates as we get closer.

Hope you’re as excited as we are, and we look forward to reading…more feminist zines! :-)


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* Black Lesbian DIY Fest * October 18 !

! Happy to announce that the Black Lesbian DIY Fest is happening on October 18 !


Check out more info on their website – http://blacklesbiansdiyfest.wordpress.com/

This DIY Fest sounds pretty cool – besides just tabling, there will be a raffle, workshops & skillshares, and a tour of the Lesbian Herstory Archives!

The ‘fest starts at 11am and goes ’till 6pm, so there is plenty of time to check out all the awesome zines!

* Also – you can still apply to table! Check out their site for more details! *

The Lesbian Herstory Archives is “the world’s largest collection of materials by and about lesbians and their communities,” and is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, at 484 14th Street. The building is wheelchair accessible, as well as nearby to subway and bus lines.

(This year is also the 40th Anniversary of the LHA, find out more here (scroll down the page for an events listing) – http://www.lesbianherstoryarchives.org/40thanniversary.html)

Woo! Hooray Black Lesbian DIY Fest, and hope to see you there! :-)


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Coming up this winter – * Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair ! *



Ooh, what’s that – another feminist zinefest coming up soon??

Yes! In the city of Hamilton, in the great Canadian province of Ontario… on November 15 of this year – feminists of all stripes will congregate to share, sell, & swap their zines to the public!

Get more info here -


(And if you’re considering writing a feminist zine, but not quite sure how or what to write about . . . check out the above link for a handy list of ideas!)

Applications to table are open starting *now!*

More basic info:

“When: Saturday, November 15th from 10am to 5pm
Where: YWCA Hamilton – 75 MacNab Street South, Hamilton ON
Accessibility: The space is accessible, including washrooms. More information about accessibility and safe(r) spaces coming soon!”

The ‘fest is organized by SACHA, “a feminist, non-profit, community-based organization of women guided by anti-racist and anti-oppressive values.”



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* Philly Feminist Zinefest 2014* – on June 28 & 29!

Mark yr calendars, everyone!

The magical and exciting Philly Feminist Zinefest is BACK, and will happen on June 28 (tabling) and June 29 (workshops)!

Applications are open NOW until May 17, so get yours in today! (http://www.phillyfeministzinefest.com/registration.html)

This year it will be held at the Neighborhood House

Always mucho exciting to see another feminist zinefest pop up…we hope to see you there!! :-)

a philly feminist zinefest

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Hooray, photos!

Thanks to our awesome volunteer photographer, Ayelet Pearl, we can proudly present…photos of this year’s zinefest!

Here are just a few of the lovely shots Ayelet captured, bringing back the excitement & spirit of the day :-)


FeministZineFest-8399Look for more photos soon to be posted under our Photos tab!

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Interview with Zinesters: For the Birds collective

Kindly give us a short description of yourself and the work you do (from mission/about us)
For the Birds is a NYC-based feminist collective working to combat social inequality and challenge all forms of oppression through an intersectional feminist analysis of power both within our collective and in our larger society.


As a collective we value collaboration, shared knowledge, self-expression, and meaningful communication. We seek to combat transphobia, sexism, racism, classism, heterosexism, ableism, capitalism and other forms of oppression, and to reflect on our own privileges. Our activism emphasizes the need for accessibility, safer spaces, and support within our communities.


  • Workshops, discussions, and other events
  • A bi-monthly feminist event email newsletter
  • Tabling at feminist events with our zine distro
  • Engage with online feminist communities via our website, blog, and various social media outlets
  • Internal group processing and care
  • Group retreats

How did you get introduced to zines? Were you influenced by anyone?
Many of us have experience in zine making and zine collecting. We’ve been inspired and empowered in our own feminism by many great feminist zines: Brainscan, Doris, Learning Good Consent, Hot Pantz, Moshtrogen, etc.  All of the people behind these zines found a way to make their voice heard and disseminate a feminist analysis of the world or their own lives in a way that others could share and build on.  We think that that kind of dialogue is what feminism is all about!

What does it mean to do “feminist zine-making”? Does feminism appear in your work (explicitly or implicitly)?
Our feminist distro is carefully reviewed by all members of the collective to ensure content is feminist and inclusive.  Our distro includes titles that address issues important to us: sexual assault, consent and sexual health, mental and physical health, queer and trans narratives, stories from feminists within the punk scene and other alternative communities, and any narratives addressing how we can struggle productively against racism, homophobia, classism, ableism, capitalism and all other forms of oppression.

What is your favorite zine or piece of mail art? Do you like any specific style/part of a zine?
We wrote a zine, So You Want to Start a Feminist Collective, to describe our collective process, encourage others to start their own collectives, and share the knowledge we’ve gained together. In this zine, we answers questions about how we started and how we continue to operate as a group. We address problems we’ve faced, how we’ve negotiated those issues, the vital importance of communication, and more. The zine is both about our own collective process and a guide to starting similar projects in your own community. It’s our way of sharing the knowledge we’ve gained together.

If you could sum up your zinester life in a kitchen appliance, what appliance would it be?
A stand mixer. Bringing together ‘ingredients’ of feminism to make something wonderful!

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Interview with a Zinester: Brandi

Kindly give us a short description of yourself and the work you do
I am Brandi! I am from Brooklyn, NY but am currently living in Western Massachusetts with my husband and two cats for a PhD program in Sociology. I create two zines; Fat Grrrlz! and …Like Weeds. Both are personal zines, though Fat Grrrlz! focuses on fat embodiment and …Like Weeds is more of a mental health issue/survival zine. I have two issues out of Fat Grrrlz! and one of …Like Weeds and am currently working on the next issues of both. I am hoping to start working on a zine about being working-class and in grad school, too! As for academic research, I am interested in – broadly, the fat acceptance movement, zine culture, gender, work, working-class identities, ethnography, feminist theory, and queer theory. I am also currently the NYC Ladies Arm Wrestling champ and a retired janitor of ten years.

How did you get introduced to zines? Were you influenced by anyone?
I was first introduced to zines at punk shows when I was younger – maybe junior high? Eighth grade? Most of them were produced by guys and were strictly fanzines focused on punk and hardcore music. When I was in high-school I got into more personal zines, but I’m not sure exactly where that first point of contact came. I’m thinking through some Riot Grrrl connections I made during that time.

What does it mean to do “feminist zine-making”? Does feminism appear in your work (explicitly or implicitly)?
For me, doing feminist zine-making involves giving myself and others a space to allow our voices to be heard. Typically, our voices might not be heard – at least not in such an accessible and autonomous way. It is also about feminist community building via these exchanges of personal and political narratives. I think Fat Grrrlz! reads more feminist explicitly; I talk about body positivity, sex, and that intersection of women and fat bodies, amongst other things. …Like Weeds might read more feminist implicitly; though with this idea of self-care really hitting the internet and social-media networks recently, it might end up being explicitly over time.

What is your favorite zine or piece of mail art? Do you like any specific style/part of a zine?
I really love personal zines especially when talking about social class issues, body positivity, and queer stuff. I am also really into diy gardening zines and graffiti zines. Three favorites: Neckmonster, Figure 8, and FaT GiRl.

If you could sum up your zinester life in a kitchen appliance, what appliance would it be?
The lemon squeezer; I start whole and vibrant and then I squeeze all of the juice out – spilling all of my guts almost- and there is a period where I might wonder “did I go too far?” but then I realize I am whole and vibrant again, with a glass of fresh lemon juice. This sums up much of my creation process, and how I feel after reading some zines! They can transform you into new vibrant beings either after reading or creating.

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